Welcome to Certified Hypnosis Training. You can become a Certified Professional Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist by joining today. I offer affordable options with your choice of basic or advanced level training. I provide you with the tools and techniques that you will need. Additionally, I teach you how to use each tool and technique, so that you can help your very own clients release daily challenges and achieve the results that they are looking for. I don’t stop there though! I also work with you in a group and one-on-one basis to increase your own confidence, and to strengthen your practical abilities of using what you have learned. In other words, my goal is your success!

Who am I?

Hello and welcome. I am Eva Wells, certified professional hypnosis instructor, hypnotist, and life coach who works diligently, on a regular basis, to assist others in obtaining what it is that is most important to them. Throughout my career, I have provided and benefited from hypnosis and coaching on a personal and professional level. My mission is to now help others reach the success that I have mastered through this incredible journey.

What do you get?

Upon successful completion of the courses, you can instantly begin teaching your clients how to reach their goals so that they can successfully move towards becoming the best version of themselves which is possible. Furthermore, in my specially designed courses, you will be provided with everything you need to know – by a leading professional. This opportunity gives you with the benefit of learning various solution-based practices, so that you will be ready and fully prepared to open your very own Hypnosis practice. You will be able to work with other hypnotists, have long-term support and guidance available by your instructor, and that of some of the most respected professionals in this field, all over the world.

What requirements are there?

Depending on which course you choice, you will be provided with the professional certification requirements of 40 to 100 hours of information, hands-on training, and many skill-sets. Beyond all of the above, you will also be taught what the State Laws and requirements are, the scope of practice, and insurance options available. I also teach you how to find and get referrals, build relationships with other professionals – such as psychologists, counselors, physicians, and other business owners where you live, so that you can become and remain as a successful, well-sought out professional.

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